Wild Life in Ladakh

Wild Life in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is a place where human find difficulty in living but flora and fauna at this place is excellent. Ladakh is a place where a person will find a matchless wildlife with rare species of birds and animals. As Ladakh have no forests or greenery of their own, still lakes and river banks have some greenery at nearby places. Because of the high altitude with low temperature, Ladakh have light and short span vegetation.

Ladakh animals

Ladakh rough landscape gives a tough condition for wildlife to live. These animals have to survive in the bitter cold with minimal shelter. Some of these animals migrate to the other places while some like brown bear and marmots, prefer to hibernate. Some of the animals of Ladakh are

Yax or Wild Ox

Yak is one of the largest animals in Ladakh with very calm and grand image. Yak is very hairy and heavy animal with long and curvy horns. This animal has a long black hair which saves them from the winter. This animal is an herbivorous animal which gaze in the Himalayan valley. In summer, yaks lives at the altitude of 6000 mtrs where as in winters they move down in lower Himalayan region in herds.

The Great Tibetan Sheep (Nyan)

Nyan, also known as the great Tibetan sheep, is one of the magnificent and wildest sheep in the world. These sheep move in the herd of approx. 200 and inhabit in extreme eastern region in Ladakh. Nyan remains at the highest region and move down to the approx. 4500 mtrs. These Nyan is a horny creature which measure to 145 cms. Male Nyan used this horn for a fight in the breeding season.

Urial (Shapu)

Urial, also known as Shapu, is one of the smallest sheep in the world. Ladakh is a place where you will find both varieties of sheep, from the tall and wildest to the smallest. This sheep has same height has his horns. This sheep weights 85 kg and horns are upto 99 cms long. These sheep lives at the most grassy slopes. They breed at the month of December to January and gave birth in May. These sheep are the most endangered species in the Ladakh region as they are more easily approachable by the hunters.

Bharal Or Blue Sheep

Bharal, also known as Blue Sheep, is the most common sheep found in the Ladakh region. These sheep are found in large herds at the altitude of 6000 mtrs. These sheep gazed on rich grasses of the valley. Their color gives a good camouflage and they can stand still for a long time. Bharal has some structural signs of sheep and goats.


A main tourist attraction in wildlife is the Ibex, a beautiful goat with long curvy horns. The Ibex has beautiful appearance with long horns upto 147 cms. They are in 10 to 16 in herds and can climb the steepest of the cliffs without any pain.

Snow Leopard

The areas of north India border, where Ladakh also lies, most of the snow leopards are found. This animal, prey on wild goats and sheep to survive. But the increase in the domestic herds, they start attacking on the human habitat. Because of the attack on the livestock in the area, ladakhi people stone them to drive away from the area, which is causing in the decline of the population of the snow leopard.

Bird Species

Ladakh is a home for 310 spices of birds. Many of these spices are from the migrating birds but the resident birds flew to the lower areas from the high altitude. All these spices can be found in the Suru valley, Rizong monastery, Hemis national park and Rumbak valley. In the Ladakh area, the birds which will be mostly seen are, fire capped tit, white tailed ruby throat, long billed bush warbler, little fork tail, wall creeper, brown dipper, golden eagle, Himalayan snow cock, rock bunting etc.