Mountaineering in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh, the land of numerous mountain ranges all across the region. It is right place for nature lover and adventure lover. It provides you almost unlimited mountain climbing opportunity. The Mountain climbing needs extreme fitness. The climbing season go on from mid-May to mid-October, the best period of mountaineering begin from June to September because during this phase the Ladakh remains unaffected by the monsoon. Here you can climb peaks over 6000m.

 Listed below are some of the famous Peaks and major destinations for mountaineering in Leh Ladakh:

 Stok Kangri Massif

It is the most popular and easily accessible destination situated in Zanskar Mountain at south of Leh. It does not require professional mountaineers. This Massif provides some of the spectacular view of Karakoram Range. The most famous peaks of Stok – Kangri are:

  • Stok Kangri (6,150 m)
  • Golaib Kangri (5,900 m)
  • Matho West (5,950 m)
  • Kantaka (5,275 m)

 Nun-Kun Massif

It is one of the most supported destinations for mountaineers. Num-Kun massif is easily accessible from Kargil-Padum road and Parkachik. It is considered as one of the most challenging climbing and requires professional mountaineers. The major peaks of this range are:

  • Nun (7,135 m)
  • Kun (7,087 m)

 Karakoram Range

The Karakoram Range, north of Leh is the range that lies across the Ladakh Range and Nubra Valley. The most popular peaks of this range are:

  • Saser-I (7,415 m)
  • Saser-II (7,513 m)
  • Saser-III (7,495 m)


Other peaks in the area include to the southwest of Leh lies the Kanglasha peak (at a height of 6,700 m). The Golaib Kangri (5,900 m) and Kang Yatse Peak (6400 m) stands in the south of Leh.