Thiksey Gompa

Thiksey Gompa in Leh Ladakh

Thiksey monastery is 18 kms. away from the middle Ladakh. This monastery is located on the hill slope and has a largest structure in Ladakh. This monastery is built 600 years ago and has a 12 storey structure. The tourist’s main attraction in this monastery is Maitreya temple which is constructed in respect of the 14th Dalai Lama’s visit in 1970. The Maitreya statue is 15 mtr. tall which covers 2 stories of the building.

Monastery building starts from hill foot which leads a flight steps towards the main monastery. The monastery has two main chambers. The entrance wall of the assembly hall shows “Wheel of Life” in mural painting. The wheel contains the image of snake, bird and pig, which represents the greed, desire and ignorance.

The main prayer room in the monastery has a number of handwritten and painted books. Monastery also has one temple which is dedicated to goddess Tara. Top floor of the monastery have Lamokhang temple, in which only male persons are permitted to go. A room above this temple is used as a school to teach boys from which some of themes are selected as Lamas.

An annual festival in monastery’s enclosure is held which is known as Gustor Ritual. This festival is held from 17th October to 19th November. In this festival, there sacred dance i.e. mask dance is performed. A trade fair is also held at the base of the monastery in which all local people gathers there and socializes and trade with each other. This monastery also provided other facilities like medical facility, hotels, restaurants etc.