Matho Monastery

Matho Monastery in Leh Ladakh

Matho monastery, also known as Matho gompa, is a Buddhist monastery which was founded in the 16th century by the Lama Dugpa Dorje. This monastery is 26 kms away from the Leh city near the Indus River bank. The Matho village is situated at the deep gorge, which starts from Zanskar range and go across the Indus. This monastery is totally parallel to the Thiksey monastery.

This is the only monastery which belongs to the Tibetan Buddhist’s Sakya order. This monastery is mostly famous for the 400 years old Thangkas and its famous Nagrang festival. This monastery is seeing the increase in number of monks who reside inside the monastery dwelling.

Many premises in the monastery is ram shacked but the new constructed assembly hall Dukhang, in 1970, has plain and sober paintings of Lords of Quarters. A small chapel at the top of the building has an image of Sakya Pandit and other Sakya lamas. The museum near the chapel contains the old Thangkas which was brought from Tibet in 16th century.

The annual festival of oracles is celebrated in 1st half of the march at Buddhist New Year. For this festival the two persons are selected which meditate, fasts and purifies themselves to become the oracle. These two oracles offer the prayers and answer the locals of village.