Lamayuru Monastery

Lamayuru Monastery in Leh Ladakh

Lamayuru monastery is located 127 kms away from the west side of Leh on the height of 3510 mtrs. This monastery is Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It is said that Indian scholar Mahasiddhacarya Naropa caused the lake to dry up and founded the Lamayuru monastery over there. The oldest temple in this monastery is Seng-ge-sgang. This monastery is the oldest and largest monastery in Ladakh, with 150 monks resides inside the monastery. Monks gather twice in the monastery for general player, followed with the mask dance.

Monastery is made up of number of shrines and has a good collection of Thangkas and magnificent wall painting. The original monastery was made up of 5 building from which only 1 stands there. The festival in Lamayuru is known as Yungdrung Kabgyat. This festival is held every year, on the 17th and 18th day by the Tibetan calendar. In this festival, sacred mask dance is performed. Yuru – Kab Gyat is the second festival, which is celebrated in Lamayuru. This festival is held for two days, which is mostly remembered for unique characters.