Hemis Monastery

Hemis Monastery in Leh Ladakh

Hemis monastery is located 45 kms. from Leh, located inside a gorge. This monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. This monastery was re established in 1672 by Ladakhi king Sengge Namgyal. This monastery is the biggest and wealthiest monastery in India. This monastery contains the richest collection of ancient relics. The statues of Buddha is kept in the monastery which is made of copper, various stupas are made of gold and silver, sacred Thangkas etc.

The courtyard of this monastery is 60 mtrs long and 18 mtrs wide, serves as a venue for annual festival known as Hemis festival. This festival is dedicated to lord Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche). He was born on early June. During this festival, “Thanka” of monastery is displayed after every 12 years, which is said to give a spiritual strength and good health. During Hemis festival, musicians play traditional music.