Lakes of Ladakh

Lakes in Ladakh

Ladakh is a place where beautiful lakes are available for the admiration. These lakes have many different forms at every new hour of the day. These lakes sometimes show the emerald green color and sometimes show the midnight blue pool color. These lakes are so beautiful that you can sit on the side without doing anything for many hours or for the whole day. In winters these lakes freezes many meters deep and treats themselves as a highway. The main Lakes in the Ladakh region are

Pangong Lake

Pangong lake is situated at the height of 14270 ft is interior drainage basin, in which the water is not drained by any mode of method. Because of no drainage facility, this lake has the most salty water. In spite of the salty water, this lake freezes in the winter season. This lake is located at the border of India and china, in which 40% is in India and 60% is in china. The line of control in between the India and China runs from this lake only.

This lake changes its color with each hour of the day. Salty water of the lake has no life to sustain. This lake has so much of salty water that no aquatic life can sustain in it except few Crustaceans. But this lake is home for migratory ducks and gulls. The marshes around the lakes have some signs of the herbs which last at least for 2 to 3 years of monsoons. Once this lake was the channel to Shyok River but due to natural calamities it is blocked now.

Tsomoriri lake

Tsomoriri lake, also known as Moriri lake, is situated at the height of 15,075 ft, is the highest lake in the Ladakh. This lake is totally situated in the Indian Territory. Tsokar means the salty water, as there is no mode of drainage. This lake is fed by the two streams and springs. 34 different species of birds are found at this lake. There is no vegetation in the deep side of the lake while the shallow lake has some signs of vegetation.