Buddhist Pilgrimage

Buddhist Pilgrimage

Buddhism is one of well known and famous religion in the world. As the Ladakh has royal background, many regions in the area have monasteries or Gompas. Because of this religion culture, 10000 Buddhists live in Ladakh. The Ladakh is close for 8 months, due to heavy snowfall. Some of the places known for Buddhist pilgrimage are


Now days, Padum is an administrative headquarters in the region. This was the capital of Zanskar at one time. Padum is the most populated place with the population of 1500 people. Half of this population is of Muslims. Padum is well known for the trekking treks and other adventure activities. The old ancient boulder is evidence that this place has Buddhism culture from the ancient time.


Stongdey monastery is located at 18 kms away from the Padum, on the way to Zangla. This monastery is the second largest monastery in the region which is related with the Tibetan Yogi, Marpa. In this monastery, 60 Gelukpa monks reside in the habitat. This monastery has a number of temples, where each temple shows a rich culture of the monastery. If you want to travel to Stongdey monastery, you can walk here which will be covered in 4 hours. Walking is difficult but it will give you the best view of the surrounding area.


Zangla, 35 kms away from Padum, was ruled by nominal king till some years before. This place is now totally ruined which faces a desert valley. This place has one chapel and an old nunnery which can be visited and displays the lifestyle of monastic people. Zangla is known for cultural tour which covers the destination of padum, Stongdey, Zangla and Karsha.


Sani is located 6 kms away from Padum on the road to Kargil. This monastery is built on the ground, and is built in the shape of castle. A stupa of Kanika is one of the major attractions in the monastery. Naropa, famous Indian Yogi, sit under this stupa for the meditation. This same place is now has a bronze of Naropa yogi, which is unveiled once in a year in July.