River Rafting

River Rafting in Leh Ladakh

Indusand its tributaries gives a good environment for white water rafting. TheIndusbetween Spituk ans Saspol, is the best place for river rafting. After the Saspol, the river becomes wilder and inexperienced person cannot go further for rafting. But the area in between the Spituk and Karu is the best place for the beginners. The most exciting route lies on the Zanskar river, where river runs in between the Zanskar mountains, Padum and Nimo. This route is only for those well organized white water expedition.

The best season for river rafting is from June to October withIndusand Zanskar as the main destinations. These rivers give opportunity to both experienced and beginners. Experienced rafters can go ahead the Saspol where as beginners can start from Spituk to Karu. The river rafting also helps in exploring wildlife, high peaks, hill top monasteries, deep canyons, etc. This rafting can be divided into six grades, which will help you to know, in which grade you are fit into. The lowest grade is for beginners where as the highest grade is for the professionals.

Garde I – Rafting done in easy waves.

Grade II – A little bit difficult but the whole passage will be without any obstruction.

Grade III – In this grade, a passage will be a bit difficult with narrow passage and high waves.

Grade IV – Difficult path and requires a particular strategy to cover the distance.

Grade V – Very very difficult route, with wild water flow and these rafting can be completed by the experts only.

Grade VI – This grade can be completed only by those who have tough mental and physical strength.

River rafting was first introduced in Ladakh in 1980’s. As river rafting is a risky sport, basic training is given to all before departing in the river which tells about the way of paddling and also instructs what to do in case raft is overturn. The river rafting covers many routes on the way fromIndusto Zanskar. Some of the main itineraries covered in rafting are Padum, Nimo, Hemis, Choglamsar, Phey, Alchi, Upshi, Kharu, Saspol, Zanskar, Spituk, Khaltsey, Stakna, Nimmu etc.