Camping in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh, known as “Moon Land”, is a perfect place for camping and to explore the nature. Ladakh is a place with beautiful scenes for camping and gives a good option. Ladakh has high snow covered mountains, rivers, beautiful gorges, thick forested areas in Himalayan range. For a good camping, it is suggested that you have a company of good guide, so that no inconvenience is faced during the camping. Away from the hectic life of urban, camps in Ladakh are located at the height of 2750 to 7673 mtrs. Camping here is not only for relaxing, but it will take you to the incredible voyage.

Ladakh is a place where sky changes color after every hour of the day. While camping on this land will be the most adventures experience. In spite of its unique culture and people, camping in Ladakh is becoming popular. There is no doubt that your experience in Ladakh will not be explained by you in words. The camps in Ladakh offer good accommodation, food catering and other adventures activities like hiking, fishing, nature tour etc. The camps that are organized in Ladakh, takes place in Sham Valley (from May to October), Leh – Karzok – Nubra, Leh – Wanla via Lamayuru, Leh – Hemis via Nubra Valley, Zanskar Valley and Srinagar Ladakh area. All these camps, except in Sham Valley, are held from June to October. The places cover in these camps are Leh, Phyang, Taru, Umla, Ney, Likir, Hemis, Takthot, Tegar, Mulbek, Kargil, Karcha, Zangala, Padum, Rangdum, Lamayuru, Shara and many more.

While camping, it is essential that you take care of yourself. So it is required that you carry a good stuffs with you while camp. It is required that you carry one travel bag, blanket, first aid, clean water, flash light, sufficient eatable, match boxes or fire starters, compass, route maps etc. Instead of all these requirements, it is required that you also follow some important guidelines like prepare a time schedule to follow, always camp in group, always carry a first aid kit, carry bottle near your body, it will prevent the water from freezing, do not litter the waste material here and there, always try to keep yourself as warm as you can and last but not least, take a good care for Hypothermia. Don’t forget to take cameras while camping. You never know when you encounter a mind blowing nature beauty.