About Us

About Us

Ladakh is a place which is not known to many people in today’s time. Ladakh still is hidden treasure for many adventure loving people. We are glad to say that we have personally traveled Leh and Ladakh many times. We have traveled and explored Leh Ladakh region many times. As we are travelling our self, we know much more about this place than any other and now have become professionals. Now through our traveling experience, we can give you a correct direction to your wishes. Leh Ladakh really gives a good scope for activities and enjoyment.

We organize many tours and packages to Leh Ladakh. These tours and packages include trekking, motor biking, camping, jeep safari, river rafting etc. These activities will be conducted in Leh, Ladakh, Kargil, Zanskar etc. On the tour all types of facilities will be provided, either in matter of food or in matter of hygiene. Especial food requirement will also be fulfilled esp Jain food.

Ladakh is mirror image ofTibet. The culture here is Buddhism and the dressing tradition also matches theTibet. There are many monasteries which display the culture ofTibeta lot. AsTibetis located at the height of 3520 mtrs, it is hot in day and very cold in night. The Ladakh is splitted in three regions: first Leh and upperIndusvalley, second part is Zanskar valley and third part is Kargil and Suru valley.

Tour Packages

We as an expert, has developed all range of tour packages for all. Whether you are looking for a cultural package or looking for adventure package, we have every package with all range and facilities. There will be no loop hole in the packages and services provided by us. Just design a tour with us, forget all the worries and enjoy the vacation.