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Ladakh Tourism


lehladakh-BikeTourMonastries in Leh LadakhLadakh, the far-flung eastern corner of troubled Jammu and Kashmir State, is India’s most remote and sparsely populated region: a high-altitude snow desert cradled by the Karakoram and Great Himalaya ranges and criss-crossed by a myriad razor-sharp peaks and ridges. There is no other land like Ladakh. The Leh district in Ladakh is the largest district, covering large part of Jammu and Kashmir. In 19th century, Ladakh first got the promotion for adventure tourism. Trekking and motor biking in Ladakh gives the best experience for adventure lovers. Ladakh is also rich in natural beauty, sightseeing destinations and calm weather

Ladakh, the most beautiful place is also known by many words by different people in love. Some people call it Ladak, Ladak Tourism, Leh Ladak, Laddakh, Ladhakh, Ladakh tourusm, Ladakh le Tourisme or Ladak le Tourisme.